Make Cold Brew Coffee At Home

I love coffee so it was thrilling to see cold brew coffee appear everywhere over the summer from the local grocery store to a bar tap at Salt & Time. And I don’t think the trend is ending just because the weather is getting cooler.

Cold brew is the method of slowly steeping the coffee beans in cold/room temperature water for a long period of time. This allows the flavor to develop more fully but without the acidity that hot water extracts from the bean. But there was one problem to prevent me from fully enjoying the cold brew movement: the cost. We are talking $10 plus for a bottle that wouldn’t even last a day in my house. Unacceptable, I had to find how to do it myself.

After some internet searches and some trial and error I merged three recipes I found online into what I think is the simplest and cheapest cold brew that returns results near, if not at, the level of the stuff you can buy in the store. More