Smith & Smith Farms Needs Your Help

On Friday a hail storm hit Central Texas. Damage within Austin was minimal but for some Northeast of Austin the damage was quite severe. In Burlington Smith & Smith Farm was nearly wiped out and they need help recovering. 

Happier Times

Happier Times

Smith & Smith Farms is a 50 acre family farm located in Burlington, TX (just outside of Temple) where they raise Dorper lambs, Cornish Rock chickens, Red Wattle hogs, Broad Breasted White Turkeys and egg-laying hens. All the animals are free range and raised hormone and antibiotic free.

But the storm last Friday devastated the farm. The golfball to almost softball size hail and strong winds tore up and destroyed several huts. According to their Facebook page all the chickens, including the egg-layers and a whole group just two weeks away from being processed were killed off.

"Most of these birds were supposed to be ready to process in two weeks!"

“Most of these birds were supposed to be ready to process in two weeks!”

If you really believe in eating locally and supporting small family farms now is the time to put your money where your mouth is, literally. Like them on Facebook to find out which farmers markets they will be selling their wares. A page has also been set up on Give Forward so people can donate to help them rebuild.