Houndstooth Coffee

My name is Eric and I am a coffee addict (to which you reply: “Hi Eric.”). I have been drinking coffee since I was little and my Mom would make me her own version of Coffee Milk. Her version was simply a little coffee, a little sugar and a lot of milk, nowhere near the authentic New England Coffee Milk.

I am by no means a coffee “aficionado” or “snob”. I’m at the Gold Star level at Starbucks and buy some of the cheapest coffee at the supermarket for my daily home brewing. ┬áMy Beverage Management instructor, Chef Bogart, can’t stop talking about Cuvee Coffee, a local roaster served at Houndstooth Coffee.

I decided to check out Houndstooth’s website and noticed that every Monday and Thursday Houndstooth Coffee offers a free public cupping class so last Thursday I decided to check it out. More