About Me

After a few years of trying my hand at freelance writing, tech journalism and WordPress consulting I realized that I needed to go back to school to learn some skills to make myself employable. But I wasn’t interested in going to school to study writing, journalism or computer programming. I figured if I was going to go back to school it was going to be for something I enjoyed. A friend of mine has been working his way through the Culinary Arts program at Austin Community College and I investigated. Weeks before the fall semester started I enrolled.

About Skeptic Chef

I started this site as a kind of all purpose blog that mixes my interests in food, critical thinking, WordPress and whatever else I have on my mind. As I learn about new subjects in my studies I hope to take a skeptical look at some of them. I also will be trying new and different food and visiting interesting places.

Comment Policy

This site is first and foremost a food blog. I reserve the right to remove any comment that I feel does not add to the discussion.


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